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Zang Tumb News, Spring 1999

There are a number of new artist signings to ZTT Records…

Leilani is half Chinese, quarter Maltese and quarter Irish. Her name, however, is Hawaiian and means Heavenly Flower.

Leilani was born in Potters Bar and has moved house 32 times in her 20 years. She has been to many different types of school, ranging from Catholic to Stage to Comprehensive to an American school in Colorado, where her mother lives.

Lei has three elder brothers and so was a very lazy baby. All she had to do was point at what she wanted, winge slightly and they would give it to her. As a result of this, she was a very late talker, not stringing a sentence together until she was three.

When she was 16, Leilani lived on her own for the first time. She had had a row with her mum and left Colorado. She returned to the UK to find that her dad now owned a shop in Muswell Hill and lived above it. She had the entire family house to herself... but hardly any money. Lei survived entirely on a diet of chocolate for the first three weeks until she realised that although it was very cheap, she had spots and no energy!

Leilani got a job in a Happy Shopper' and began working with her writing and producing team, Sonic, two years ago. She wrote the single "Madness Thing" almost by accident after coming into the studio one night in a really bad mood. Lei began ranting about the problems she was having with her boyfriend and basically everything that annoyed her about life. One of Sonic suggested she write it all down and an hour later, "Madness Thing" was born.

Four weeks later Leilani was signed to ZTT Records.

"Everyone kept telling me not to get too excited, I suppose because they didn't want me to be disappointed. They sent out my tape to a manager and told me not to get excited - but he signed me straight away. He sent the tape to ZTT and told me not to get excited but they signed me two weeks later. Now my single's about to come out and I have to keep making sure it's ok to be excited about it!"

Leilani, with her group members A & B, is a pop sensation waiting to happen. Her lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and amusingly observant but she is refreshingly bright, sussed and streetwise.

The Marbles

"With personality, humour, youthful energy, enthusiasm and the kind of musical versatility and confidence that can only beearned through experience, The Marbles - a three piece from Co. Roscommon have what it takes to become a top place
act" - Hot Press

Boyle, Co. Roscommon has never before been world-renowned : The Marbles are about to put it on the map. Having worked their way from playing local gigs to being one of the most talked about unsigned bands in Ireland, the trio have honed their own particular brand of energetic rock.

The Marbles have been causing a stir in Ireland since early 1997, with local and national press and radio. Having heard the hype, ex-Pogues member Terry Woods, went to see them play and was so blown away by their obvious talent and stage-presence that he became their manager. Within four months The Marbles were the subject of a major label bidding war which culminated in a recording contract with London based ZTT Records.

Since signing in February this year, the band have been holed-up in the studio recording with notable producers Trevor Horn and Ed Buller, only taking a break to play their well-received debut UK gig at Londons' infamous Orange Club. The hectic schedule for this year includes releasing their debut single to coincide with dates on the Stereophonic/Heineken tour in Ireland followed by a UK single release and MORE gigs.

Praise has been lavished on the band for their musical skills, strong songs and exuberant live performance. Most people agree that success is only a matter of time.

"In My Eye" was released in Ireland on the 2nd October 1998 on ZTT Records.


Dove are Graham Cruz, Hazel Kaneswaren and Don Ade.

The Idea for the formation of Dove was born in the imagination of Graham Cruz. Graham had worked as a choreographer at the embryonic stage of Ireland's pop industry. Coaching many emerging pop groups, as they journeyed from rehearsal rooms to Top Of The Pops, had fuelled his desire to step in the limelight. Graham and Hazel grew up in the Dublin suburbs of Artane and Blanchardstown respectively. They met through a mutual acquaintance and became friends. Both shared a love of pop music and decided (along with Lorna Davis who has since left the group) to form Dove. Firstly though, they began the search for another male to complete the line-up. Don, originally from Nigeria, had lived for a time in England, before permanently settling in Ireland. His entry to the music business was - like many other episodes of his life - a happy accident! He had met other members of Dove at an MTV party and had promptly lost contact. Soon afterwards Don was accosted by them on the street and asked to join the group. A little surprised, he agreed and the line-up was complete.

The group was first known as Dubh, which is the Irish language word meaning ' black' and is pronounced 'Dove'. However, as they began to have dealings outside of Ireland the Gaelic spelling was dropped in favour of the more user friendly, phonetic spelling Dove. "The name Dubh was a clever way for us to describe who we are, but we play pop music and the spelling just wasn't enough."

Other new signings include 'Davids Daughters', who are writing and recording in Los Angeles at the moment; 'Aurora', who is writing and recording in Oxford and 'Fragile' who are busy recording their album at Hook End Manor .