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What's in the ZTT Box Set?

The track list for the forthcoming ZTT box set on Salvo Music is finally, finally, finalised. What's in the box?

And Suddenly There Came A Bang (Disc One) charts the early years of ZTT. Past Forward (Disc Two) rewinds through ZTT’s contribution to dance music in reverse chronological order. From A Wasteland To An Artificial Paradise (Disc Three) imagines a ZTT festival taking place in a far-flung, other-worldly location. The Television is Watching You (Disc Four) is a marathon hike through some - but by no means all - of ZTT's most breathtaking videos. The Dream Department is Paul Morley's 6,600-word memoir on Zang Tumm Tuum, Zing Ting Tings and his time with (and without) the label. And IQ 10 is a further 16,000 words of track-by-track notes, queries, questions and answers.

Click to the Catalogue section for the full track list.