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The Solid Steel Sound Museum

Andrew Poppy meets 808 State in a new two-hour mix from our friends at Ninja Tune.

As Strictly Kev from the Solid Steel radio show explains... “DK asked Matt, Jon, PC and myself to make a mix that encapsulated our favourite moments from our time on Solid Steel, records that meant a lot to us and summed up the spirit of the show. This is, of course, a daunting task and instead of turning in one hour I did two, hosted by Ken Nordine as he takes us around the Solid Steel Sound Museum in my head. Imagine turning on the radio and every channel was playing Solid Steel from a different year, some stations bleeding through to others, but always in a good way. Keep up there at the back and no touching the exhibits… you get a quick peek and then it’s off again." Click here for tracklist and download.