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The Return of Liverpool...


Salvo and ZTT announce the definitive, deluxe edition of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's second and final album, Liverpool, on the eve of it's 25th anniversary.

"A quarter of a century on, how has Frankie's follow-up to Welcome to the Pleasuredome aged?" asks Uncut magazine which awards this new edition ****four stars.

"Startlingly well... (It's) vibrant, flush with big ideas, and inventive execution... A grandiosity that's reminiscent of Pink Floyd, and Holly Johnson's vocals glide smartly between epic and snide. Bonuses include 20-minute remixes of Warriors of the Wasteland and Watching The Wildlife, Bowie/Stones/Doors covers, and Pamela Stephenson's narrations."

Liverpool (Deluxe Edition) also features Frankie's bombastic '86 comeback special, Rage Hard, in standard and previously-unreleased Montreux and Voiceless variants. And a 36-page booklet with detailed liner notes. Click to the Catalogue section for the full track list, and to the Zang Tuum Shop to pre-order.