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The North at its Heights (Deluxe Edition)


Following the recent release of 808 State's career-spanning, career-defining album Blueprint, we are lining up MC TunesThe North at its Heights – recorded, written and produced with 808 – for the deluxe reissue treatment.

The original 10-track set has been expanded with seven recently-unearthed gems and one brand new recording:

Dance Yourself To Death – dust bros club mix: remixed By The Dust Bros, 12.4.90 
Pump and More – recorded at FON (eng. Al Fish) and Jacobs (eng. Al Stone), 19.5.95
The Only Rhyme That Bites – 808's instrumental: recorded at Spirit and Sarm East, 1990
Dance Yourself to Death – original 909 mix: recorded at Spirit and Advision studios, 1989 
The Only Rhyme That Bites -- optical mix: remixed by Optical, 1998

The Only Rhyme That Bites – ugly as sin mix: remixed and remodelled by Tunes' new outfit, The Ugly Project, especially for this release

Tunes Splits The Atom -- creamatomic mix: recorded at Square One, Out of The Blue, Strawberry and Sarm West, July 1990

The North at its Heights (Deluxe Edition) is out 19 November via ZTT Japan.