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The FGTH SexMix - new discs available

Some news from Salvo on the 2xCD Frankie Goes To Hollywood compilation,SexMix...

Stereo masters have been located and have been used to prepare a new, all stereo version of disc one. If anyone would like to replace their current version of disc one with one of these freshly minted, all stereo versions then all we ask is that you please send us your current disc, or email us a copy of your receipt if you prefer, and provide a return address. We will then forward a copy of the all stereo disc to you by first class post. Please send the discs to the following address:

Salvo, Union Square Music Ltd., Unit 1.1, Shepherds Studios, Rockley Road, London, W14 0DA, UK. Please send emails to:

For your reference there will be one or other of two codes on the discs featuring the tracks with one channel repeated on both sides and they are: *053731 and *055114. The code on the new discs is: *056837. These codes can be found on the underside of the disc in the ring around the centre. In addition, those who bought digital downloads of the album can now download an updated version at the store from which it was originally purchased.