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The Art of Noise will return

As stated in Zang Tuum Tumbometer #7, the Art of Noise will return, for at least one of the following reasons:

1. A new art of noise album needs to be heard at least every decade
2. Cheryl Cole blends perfectly with Art of Noise-on-ice
3. What the world, needs now, is moments in love
4. The Krypton Factor theme needs to be poured into the same test tube as Beat Box, just to see if it explodes
5. Titles ready for consumption include DaintyBeep BeepI'm A Stranger Here Myself and The Interrupted Serenade
5. The Buggles played a blinding support act with Adventures... 2.0
6. Creme, Dudley, Horn, Jeczalik, Langan, Morley are happy to participate in their own particular ways
7. The last great Art of Noise hit single, 2000's Something Is Missing, was never released. And this needs to be rectified.
8. The final notes of the Anne & JJ era, 1986's Outer Heat Suite have finally been unearthed, dusted off, formulated and controlled...
9. has Art of Noise's unreleased album from 1997, Balance - Music for the Eye
10. Vocal narration is being compiled and recorded by, among others, John Hurt, Trevor Horn, Anne Dudley, and Camilla Pilkington. It's becoming visible!