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Shades of Rhythm - Extacy Edition

Salvo - Union Square Music's collector's label – announces the definitive, deluxe edition of one of the rave era's definitive albums, Shades of Rhythm's eponymous début, on the eve of its 20th anniversary.

In the “golden age of hardcore,” Shades of Rhythm were as at home headlining genre-defining raves as they were in the Top Of The Pops studio. The singles included here –The Sound of Eden, Sweet Sensation, Homicide/Exorcist and the top 20 hit Extacy – are bona fide gems of the bygone era of a happy face, thumping bass and loving race. C/D/2 adds a stack of unreleased and hard-to-find tracks and promos, legendary in the history books of old school DJs.

Live, S/O/R have always been a force to be reckoned with and headlined every major rave of the era – Technodrome, Fantazia, Raindance, Sunrise, Amnesia House – with audiences often topping 10,000. In demand as remixers, they've delivered the goods for everything from N-Trance's Set you Free to Si Begg's 2009 The Bleeps. Returning the favour, this new release features X-Press 2 and Joey Negro remixing Shades of Rhythm and a special introduction by Judge Jules.

Click here to for the ultimate album launch: 808 State DJing S/O/R's classic Exorcist a few weeks ago at the Wickerman Festival. Click to the catalogue section for the full track list, and to the Zang Tuum Shop to place an order.

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