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Into Battle with the Art of Noise is back, and out now. This is where it all started. The first Zang Tuum Tumb record. The first item in the Incidental Series. The first Art of Noise release.

The re-awakening of Into Battle comes wrapped in a deluxe 'mini-vinyl' sleeve featuring new words from zang tuum tumb, and previously unseen photos from the original sessions.

The original nine-track EP is bolstered with its logical counterpart: Worship, the album-that-never-was that bridges the gap between Into Battle and Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise. 18 bonus tracks that pave the way, points its fingers and flexes its muscles.

To quote one press review, "Into Battle is, in its 2011 reincarnation, a flawed masterpiece. It has perfection and imperfection. It's like holding a living, breathing work of art in your hands. They said it themselves right from the start: the Art of Noise have an almost hyg(i)enic need for complications."

Check the tracklist in our Catalogue section, or click to the Shop to order your copy.