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In the first of a random series, three comments on the not-quite-classic video for the completely classic Moments in Love by Art of Noise.

Paul Morley:

The classic video for Moments in Love was originally made with Torvill and Dean. Because it made sense to me, Torvill and Dean ice skating to Moments in Love. In fact there was one before that, which could have been unbelievable, which was by Neil Jordan who’d just done A Company of Wolves, a great Irish film director. (There were lots of events like this, like trying to get Terry Gilliam to direct Frankie.) But anyway, I wanted Nail Jordan to do Moments in Love and I spoke to him on the phone and he had an unbelievable idea. It basically consisted of an elephant, a huge elephant that would be just pounding along the streets to the music. You could just imagine it. And there would be a church, and he would destroy the church, and inside there would be a load of nuns. Elephant comes in, destroys church, church falls down, nuns die. Perfect! It needed £80,000 and I only had £15,000. So I thought maybe if we paid Torvill and Dean £15,000 to dance to it that’ll be a great video. That will be memorable. And in a way what Moments in Love lacks is a memorable video. But for £15,000 we ended up with a couple I think had come third in the local Kent championships. You see I was thinking ahead, to 2006 when moments in love is played every day on cable.


Anne Dudley:

This video has been voted probably one of the worst videos of all time. It’s an ice skating tortoise… And what’s worse is we had to spend an entire day at an ice rink in February or some ghastly time of year and, as is normal with these bloody videos, you get called at 6am, turn up at 6am, and it’s dark for God’s sake, and you hang around for about ten hours before you do anything! I never wanted to hear this piece again by the end of the day. It was unbelievably bad.


YouTube user patineuse:

Very cool... The male skater is my coach, Pierre Panayi :-)

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