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Produced By Trevor Horn

ZTT Records presents Produced By Trevor Horn, a double CD box set celebrating 25 years of one of the world’s most creative and commercially successful record producers.

“If in the '60s, Phil Spector created a wall of sound,” Paul Morley once wrote, “then Horn created a whole room of sound - the walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, decorated with absolute flourish.”

Presented in a deluxe box set, Produced By Trevor Horn contains 30 tracks, seven No. 1’s and a further 11 Top 10 hit singles spanning four separate decades. With personal notes by Trevor himself on all of the recordings, the album contains recent hits (Lisa Stansfield, Pet Shop Boys, LeAnn Rimes) ‘80s classics (ABC, Simple Minds, Dollar, Spandau Ballet) and genius experimental pop (Malcolm McLaren, Grace Jones, Propaganda, Godley & Creme).

The compilation highlights some of the household names that Trevor Horn has brought to the world, like Frankie Goes To Hollywood in the 1980s, Seal in the 1990s and tATu in the 2000s. It explores some of his lesser-known and more surprising productions, like Shane MacGowan and Irish rock giants The Frames. And pivotal tracks by Buggles and Art of Noise represent Trevor’s work as an artist as well as a producer.

Produced By… marks Trevor Horn’s status as the original pioneer of the remix, including rarities such as Malcolm McLaren’s Buffalo Gals (Scratch Mix), Frankie’s Two Tribes (Hibakusha Mix), Propaganda’s Dr Mabuse (13th Life Mix) and Grace Jones’ Blooded Mix of Slave To The Rhythm in all their 12” glory.

The album arrives hot on the heels of a special one-off concert at Wembley Arena on 11 November 2004. Featuring many of the artists on the CD, it was a dramatic and special one-off night in aid of The Prince’s Trust, with Prince Charles in attendance, that left one BBC reviewer “excitingly gobsmacked”. A DVD of the concert is set for release later in 2005.

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