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Presenting: Raging Speedhorn

Since their inauspicious debut at Corby boozer The Rock in 1998 ('We basically set out just to annoy as many people in Corby as we could'), Raging Speedhorn have now played over 200 gigs throughout Europe.

In the process the band have acquired a fanatical, hardcore following, fans who rightly voted them Best UK band in 2000 and put their debut album at number 7 in the Metal Hammer Critics Choice 2000 Top 10.

'The mix of rage, intensity and dark catharicism is riveting' - Malcolm Dome, Metal Hammer.

'Speedhorn's blistering, eponymous debut album was released in the UK in August 0f 2000 and a pan-European release followed in January of this year. A simple, yet brilliant video of 'Thumper', one of the albums stand-out tracks, received coverage on MTV and Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs and XFM's Ian Camfield were soon singing the bands praises.

The album was produced by John Freyer (Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie & Cradle Of Filth) and contains 10 full-frontal assaults on the senses. Freyer perfectly captured the band's unbridled ferocity and the album has been praised as one of the finest to have emerged from the seething underbelly of the British metal scene. Yet 'Speedhorn are reluctant standard bearers;

'A lot of bands are starting to realise now that just because you're not American and you're not playing rap-metal or whatever happens to be today's big thing, that doesn't mean you can't get anywhere….It's great that British bands are starting to make waves but it's not a hardcore scene' - Tony Loughlin, Raging Speedhorn.

The release of their debut single "The Gush", saw Raging Speedhorn shoot up the charts to number #47, making them only the third UK metal act to break into the Top 50 in the past five years, having only the mighty Iron Maiden and Pitchshifter for company. Having shared stages with the likes of Biohazard and Amen, the bands natural environment is on stage which they proved once and for all with their performance in front of 35,000 people at this year's Ozzfest. Slipknot obviously agreed and immediately offered them two support slots in Europe.

Looking to the future, the band will be taking a well deserved break before beginning to work on their second album. Alongside this they have already confirmed that they will be playing live at the following events:

Extreme Sports Festival 2001:
21st July - Bath Showground

'They're nice boys really. Even if they do eat me out of house and home. Basically they turn up off tour with piles of dirty washing and say, 'Can you sort this please - we're off again in two weeks''. Mrs Loughlin.

'We'd play in garden sheds if we had to' John Loughlin, Speedhorn.

'Speedhorn will also be making their first visit to Australia and Japan in April/May in support of Amen. Once again, the confirmed dates will first be announced here.

'Frankly,they are amazing' - Nelly Liger, Rock Sound.

'Be afraid. Be very afraid indeed' - The Tip Sheet.

'They make noise like the routine and merciless slaughter by heavy machinery of a million elves, witches and toads' - Ted Kessler, NME.

'With their rampaging, unstoppable grooves and thick-as-an elephant's-vomit guitars bolstered by the double-pronged vocal attack of Regan and fellow bellower John Loughlin, RS level everything in front of them with the effectiveness of a nailbomb' - Paul Travers, Kerrang!

'Musically the 'Speedhorn line-up two vocalists…against a frenetic backdrop of mangled guitars and theatening, low-end rumble. Pick up a copy of the self-titled album to get an idea of the full, face melting effect…be warned though - they do like a good fight' - Kerrang!