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Presenting: Heights of Abraham

Heights of Abraham are Sim Lister (sax and programming), Jake Harries (vocals/lyrics) and Steve Cobby (guitar and programming) all of whom have spent many years making music within the industry in different guises.

Sim and Jake were one time members of Sheffield's Chakk (along with Mark Brydon, now of trip hop duo Moloko and Dee Boyle now of Brit Rock band The Longpigs) having outings on Cabaret Voltaire's Double Vision label and their own FON label. This project lead to a short stint on MCA culminating in the foundation of the legendary FON studio.

Other band member Steve Cobby is now best known for his Fila Brazillia output (along with partner Dave McSherry) who have released five albums on Pork Recordings as well as completing numerous remixes including Radiohead, Lamb, Busta Rhymes and Simple Minds.

Sim and Jake met Steve through the FON studio, where Steve was working at the time, and decided to form this musical partnership in the early 1990s. Their first album release as Heights of Abraham, "Humidity" appeared on Hulls Pork Recordings in 1993 and since then they have moved on to the ZTT label.

Escape the harsh realities of the jagged edges of life, comfort yourself in the cushioned surroundings developed by Heights of Abraham. Prepare to be dazzled by the blindingly beautiful sound of the aptly titled "Electric Hush".

This is an album which is soothing in it's melodies, yet cannot be classed as chill out music, more "high altitude electronic soul". It is music that could be made for astronauts to listen to whilst looking down gazing upon the globe rotating beneath.

A true musical journey, the album begins with the healing vocals contributed by Jake Harries on "The Cleric", moving on to electronic funk and warm bass of "Boogie Heights". "What's The Number" provides an undercurrent of the metropolis at the beginning of the track (via live samples from New York's Grand Central Station), eventually fading away into a lulling piano and bass, giving the impression of being taken away from hubbub of the city on a journey to which only you are privy. "E.V.A" evokes images of a rising and setting sun whilst "700 Channels" gives us a warm funk feel (the lyrics providing the album's title) leading subtly into the driving percussive beat of "Sunnyatta". The final track is the understated "Make Love" - is this an instruction or something you want to do after listening to this album?

Electric Hush is now on sale in the Zang Tumb Shop.