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Poppy & Bardsley: Zagreb & Ljubljana

Andrew Poppy's score for Julia Bardsley's "Almost The Same (Feral Rehearsals For Violent Acts Of Culture)" is to be performed in both Croatia and Serbia during October.

Poppy's score, mixed live, can be heard at Bardsley's performances on 8th and 9th October as part of Queer Zagreb, Croatia and on 12th October as part of Ljubljana's City of Women festival.

In her installation/performance, the unconventional and inspired performance artist Julia Bardsley explores the dualisms of nature/culture, wild/tamed, instinctive/rational by means of a tripartite structure and the culinary triangle (raw/cooked/rotten) concept. Making allusions to war, violence, fear, and monstrosity, she perceives the transition from nature to culture as a dialectics rather than a schism. The flawless parallel use of otherwise simple stage methods takes us on a journey into a grotesque veristic (and therefore thrilling) universe of a humanly-monstrous darkness. This brutal experience forms the second part of The Divine Trilogy, while its third part on apocalypse is planned for release in 2009.

Julia Bardsley has worked as a theatre director, filmmaker, visual artist, and performer, directed works in opera, dance, and theatre, and also makes videos and installations. Her hit solo debut Trans-Acts and the sequel, now coming to Ljubljana, unquestionably place her among the newly discovered stars of the British scene. Artsadmin was not alone in recognizing this. “She could have been running the National Theatre by now, but instead quite deliberately chose a different career path. In recent years she has been making inspired and unsettling work on the cusp between the theatre and the gallery.” (The Guardian, 2008)

In other news, Andrew Poppy’s new CD “…and the Shuffle of Things” is released on 27th October. A specially created performance with videos by Julia Bardsley is to presented at London's Chelsea Theatre on Friday 24th October 2008. Click here for more info.