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Pleasuredome Stereo Masters

We are pleased to announce that stereo masters have been located, digitised and mastered for the ZTT singlette, Frankie In The Pleasure Dome.

These have been supplied to Salvo, who will make an announcement very soon about replacement audio (physical and digital) for the recent SexMix* compilation. And they have been supplied to ZTT Japan, so that the inclusion of Frankie In The Pleasure Dome for the forthcoming Japanese edition of Frankie Said will be stereo from the outset.

*Due to a mis-labelled master-tape, the left-hand channel was mirrored on both right and left sides on the first five tracks of the first pressing of SexMix. (As opposed to being in mono, as our earlier announcement stated.) But now, for example, Happy Hi! (All in the Mind)'s keyboard motif at 00:17 can be restored to appearing only in the left channel, as opposed to out of both speakers.