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Noise and Girls Come Out to Play

ZTT and Salvo presents... Noise and Girls Come Out to Play, a compact introduction to Propaganda. A CD and digital release that's part Best Of, part sampler, part hindsight, part taste-of-things-to-come.

Noise and Girls Come Out to Play contains noise-shots from the records A Secret Wish,Wishful Thinking, Duel, Do Well, p:Machinery, the Nine Lives of Dr Mabuse and Propaganda's studio sessions during their years spent taping at Sarm Studios, 1983 to 1986.

Noise: Ralf Dörper, Andreas Thein. Girls: Claudia Brücken, Suzanne Freytag. Behind the scenes: Michael Mertens. Behind the screens: Anton Corbijn, Zbigniew Rybczynski.

The release date for Noise and Girls Come Out to Play is 10 September 2012. Click over to the ZTT Shop to pre-order, head to our catalogue for the full track list, and switch over to the ZTT Facebook to join in the conversation.

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