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Nish, Clish, Bangin: The MC Tunes Tapes


Director Howard Walmsley, also a member of Biting Tongues, has a CV that takes in Factory's Ikon cinema department, 2008's The Visitors ("a lo-fi exploration of human disregard for our home planet as seen by giant ants from the future"), and808 State's Pacific video and G-Mex documentary.

He has just completed Nish, Clish, Bangin, 20-year video diary of the life and times of MC Tunes that's brutal and absorbing in equal measures. A special preview takes place tomorrow night, here:

Kinofilm presents: Kino Shorts // 54-56 Whitworth St West // Manchester M1 5WW
Box Office open Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm // Call: 0161 615 0500 //