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New Statesman on 'The Art of Noises'

"Marinetti's futurist manifesto, published 100 years ago next month, launched one of the most brilliant and disturbing episodes in 20th-century art." says the New Statesman in an extensive feature published this week, in which they note:

Peter Saville borrowed a Depero design for the cover for New Order's debut album, Movement, and in many respects futurism's legacy has been more visible in pop music than in fine art. The 1980s group the Art of Noise took their name from Luigi Russolo's 1913 manifesto of futurist noise-music, "The Art of Noises", which proposed the harnessing of industrial and electronic sounds, and their percussive mesh of samples and stabs in turn had a huge effect on 1980s hip- hop acts such as Public Enemy.