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IQ 202: Video Sampled

The latest release on ZTT Japan is Video Sampled, an additional DVD packaged as part of Zang Tuum Tumb - The ZTT Box Set, featuring previously unavailable videos from Art of NoiseAct808 StateMC TunesThe Frames and Shane MacGowan (Version 2 of That Woman's Got Me Drinking).

Also released on ZTT in Japan on 08.08.08:

808 STATE [90 (Deluxe Edition)] (XECZ-1001-1002)
808 STATE [ex:el (Deluxe Edition)] (XECZ-1003-1004)
808 STATE [Gorgeous (Deluxe Edition)] (XECZ-1005-1006)
808 STATE [Don Solaris (Deluxe Edition)] (XECZ-1007-1008)

...and on 29.10.08:

ART OF NOISE [Who's Afraid Of] (XECZ-1011)
ART OF NOISE [Daft] (XECZ-1011)
ART OF NOISE [The Seduction Of Claude Debussy (Deluxe Edition)] (XECZ-1013-1014) 2CD -2nd CD is [Reduction]
ART OF NOISE [reconstructed] (XECZ-1015-1016) CD + DVD 5.1
ART OF NOISE [And What Have You Done With My Body, God? (Japanese Original Package)] (XECZ-9017-9020) 4CD Box Set + Original T-Shirts designed by Yoshinori Sunahara