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Frankie Said (Japan Edition)

Set for release on 05 December 2012, the Japan Edition of Frankie Said, the definitive, Zang Tuum Tumb-compiled story of Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

This edition adds highlights from all of the recent Frankie and ZTT releases that, for one reason or another, have not been released in Japan.

Frankie Said (Japan Edition) switches some of the mixes on Disc One (The Best Of The Best) and adds a Disc Two (No Rest For The Best) to round-up the Frankie highlights fromPleasuredome (Deluxe)Liverpool (Deluxe)SexMixFrankie Say Greatest and The Art of The 12 Volume One and Volume Two, none of which have been released outside of Europe. (The compilation also purposefully avoids duplicating any tracks that have already been remastered and reissued in Japan in the last couple of years.)

2013 will see the release of The Art of the 12" Volume Three in the UK, which will contain Watching The Wildlife (Movement 2). Like its predecessors, Volume Three will not be released in Japan, so Watching The Wildlife (Movement 2) is also added to Frankie Said (Japan Edition).

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