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Excerpt from the ZTT Box Set texts

The forthcoming ZTT box set on Salvo Music includes a 72-page book featuring two essays - one from label co-founder of ZTT, Paul Morley and one from the label's archivist, Ian Peel.

The Dream Department is Morley's 6,600-word memoir on Zang Tumm Tuum, Zing Ting Tings and his time with (and without) the label. And Peel's IQ 10 is a further 16,000 words of track-by-track notes, queries, questions and answers.

Click to the Archive section to read excerpts from both Ian and Paul's essays – a bait, comrades…

Click to the Catalogue section to preview the “Zang Tumb Tuum, The ZTT Box Set” tracklist.