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Dove: Don't Dream

Just when you thought there couldn't be another great Irish pop group, along come Dove with their own blend of grooves and moves.

'It's like this,' Hazel Kaneswaran laughs in her soft Irish accent. 'If we take off in the UK the same way we have Ireland then there's going to be a lot of hard work ahead. So while I've got a few days off I intend to make the most of Dublin's famous night life…!' Hazel better start downing those pints quickly because without doubt, Dove, the three piece band she's in with fellow members Graham Cruz and Don Ade, are going to have very little time to party once their single 'Don't Dream' hits the shops this August.

Hailing from Dublin city, Dove have already managed to conquer the Irish charts with three top forty singles. Their latest, a reworking of the Crowded House classic, went straight in to the top three in Ireland's airplay charts, and got a huge seal of approval from ZTT who immediately signed them up for a Global rematch.

'Initially we just had the idea of sampling the guitar intro, but then when we really listened to the lyrics of 'Don't Dream It's Over' we realised that they were so brilliant we didn't want to mess with it.' Graham now explains, 'We obviously had to get Neil Finn's (songwriter) permission to mess with the record and when we met him we gave him the demo and were like, 'Er, look, this is just a demo, we are going to fix it'. And he said, 'Look, I really like what you've done with it already, so don't f*** with it.' Graham laughs.' He also thought that Hazel had an absolutely beautiful voice which was very flattering.'

Dove rework the song with a laid back summer vibe and rap track which has all the right ingredients to make it essential listening throughout the coming months.

Don't Dream is released 16 August, 1999.