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Close Your Eyes...

Close your eyes and imagine... a product of Zang Tuum Tumb.

A sequel to Sampled and Zance, that's bigger than both combined... Imagine a compilation containing previously unreleased period remixes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Propaganda; classic ACT (and unheard moments with Chris Senior); one of Graham Massey's favourite US mixes of 808 State and another, previously vinyl-only version of Pacific; first-time-on-CD tracks by FGTHArt of Noise, Anne Pigalle, Andrew PoppyGlenn Gregory & Claudia Brucken; one of the deepest, darkest cuts from License to Thrill; and the missing link in Propaganda's Testament trilogy.

Imagine even more... Imagine the same deluxe compact disc addition to the Element Series containing previously unheard Nasty Rox Inc. (not 9th Wonder or 10th Wonder, but 11th Wonder!); Instinct (!)'s Sleewalking (!!) - the 12" mix (!!!); and, finally, Life's A Barrel of Laugh's by Art & Act in full eight-minute glory.

Let us feed your imagination. It's Element 12 and it's coming soon on Zang Tuum Tumb. Imagine!