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Art of Noise, Boxed

ZTT Records presents “And What Have You Done With My Body, God?”, a deluxe box set celebrating its original and most influential signing – the Art of Noise – across 41 unreleased tracks, remixes and demos from the bands groundbreaking 1983/1984 recording sessions. A fourth disc houses the band’s three EPs, all on CD for the first time.

As the 36-page accompanying book says, it’s “the story of how five people came
together from completely different angles to pioneer sampling, cut-and-paste pop, futurist production and create the image of a group that was as unforgettable as it was anonymous, recording classics along the way like Close (to the Edit), Beat Box and Moments in Love, before a final, explosive split.”

This is the first time in 21 years that all five original members of the Art of Noise have been reunited. Between them they deliver a track-by-track commentary that’s hilarious, detailed, fascinating and tragic in equal measures. Since ’85, each has won acclaim in their own right (and is available for interview). They are:

Anne Dudley – Oscar-winning soundtrack composer and recent subject of a three-part Radio 2 series on her work as the UK’s most successful sting arranger for everyone from Pulp to Will Young

Paul Morley – author of Words & Music (both Faber & Faber), regular Newsnight Review critic and recent compiler of North By Northwest: Liverpool & Manchester From Punk To Post-Punk & Beyond 1976-1983

Trevor Horn – the UK’s most successful record producer whose other credits this year include Pet Shop Boys’ Fundamental, following the Princes Trust’s ’04 Produced By Trevor Horn concert at Wembley Arena featuring everyone from Grace Jones to tATu via Seal and Yes

Gary Langan –producer and mixer with a credit list ranging from Public Image Ltd. to Paul McCartney. He has most recently won multi-platinum awards for his 5.1 remix of War Of The Worlds

JJ Jeczalik – this box set marks a rare return to the music business for JJ, who retired in 2000 having taken Art of Noise to greater heights in the late 80s with collaborations including Duane Eddy (Peter Gunn), Tom Jones (Kiss) and Max Headroom (Paranoimia)

“And What Have You Done With My Body, God?” is available from the Zang Tumb Shop.