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Art of Noise, born again

…to tell the truth, as we at Art of Noise like to at moments like this, maybe we're not actually as of yet going to be so to speak born again.

Maybe we're still dreaming… Maybe it is all a dream… Let's face it, the whole net thing is just planet earth, at least all of it's history, having a good to bad dream… So, where were we… Truth or dare: the Art of Noise before they begin again must dream on.

So, for those of you who were getting together the frankincense, gold and myrhh to offer it up as a gift… Hold on there. Not so quick. The first new signs of movement, one way or another, from a new kind of Art of Noise will present themselves as if in a dream… The Art of Noise dream on… And then, if and when they wake up, they will up to a point be born again.

Let's make this official. Why not.

1/ at some point in the near future, Art of Noise - version 3.1 if you like - will be seen and heard to be in the middle of a dream.

2/ a bit later in that same near future Art of Noise will be born again.

3/ any questions?