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Art of Noise - perchance to dream

Pop is such a dream, and who better to dream that dream than (the) Art of Noise - the group that has never fallen asleep completely after all these years. They always wake up in the end.

Summer 1998 and !the Art of Noise are just about to wake up. They're dreaming it seems, and dreaming that something they wrote has been all mixed up by Bristol dancemen babes Way Out West . You too can be born again with an about to be born again (.)Art of Noise. Dreamy!

For a limited time only in a limited form the dream that is (the)Art of Noise all mixed up in bed with Way Out West is available as a 12" vinyl thing that can be played in the right spirit with the right equipment. It's a dream offer... Life's too fraught not to dream on with "The" Art of Noise.

Dream On consists of 3 remote diversions of the Art of Noise piece Dreaming In Colour - Day Dream, Wet Dream and Your Dream Or Mine.

It's not available in the shops, so how are you going to get hold of one?