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Adamski's Thing

Adamski, who we remember for his dance naughtiness, for his controversial relationship with chance, for his camp eclecticism, for his cool delirium, for his 'Killer' collaboration with Seal, slinks back onto the scene after a couple of years of weightlessness and preparation with a beautiful disarray of music that we will all come to know as a sort of 'Thing'. His sort of 'Thing'.

'Thing' is his new group. Adamski has produced 'Thing' - defined as a way of grasping the world through stories and fragments, defined as the imagination on tenterhooks, defined as musical transvestism, defined as all things considered.

Adamski has produced and written the first kind of Thing album, and it is quite simply, quite dramatically and dead musically his sort of thing. It's a soundtrack to what happens when you accelerate - everything starts whirling around you. It's provocatively moody. It's firing at the nerve ends. It's an elation of an intelligence happy in its own duplicity.

Adamsk's Thing is jam-packed to the fruity gills with wit, wistfulness, wickedness and sly happiness.

The first single, mixed on its head, mixed in dreamtime, mixed mentally, mixed in a mask is called Existential Boredom. It's a song sort of about the enhancement of disenchantment, with Adamski singing his own vocals.

Paul Morley, July 1997