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a theory: is officially released today


One Point One, the debut EP from A Theory – and the first release in the second thirty year cycle of Zang Tumb Tuum – is officially out today.

Available via iTunes, Spotify, Bleep and all digital platforms, this is music to soundtrack your daydreams or, as XLR8R describes, “impressive... a somewhat haunting introduction to this new UK talent."

"A Theory takes a solemn path through dubwise electronics, using dimly-lit piano chords and lush synths to create a swelling bed, on top of which are intricate and propulsive percussion patterns."

The group launched exactly one year ago with a free mixtape on Soundcloud, number 300 in Zang Tuum Tumb's re-activated Incidental Series: a theory: is a contemplative and rational type of music.  Since then they have disseminated daily theories of Zen, Eno and Oblique Strategies via Facebook and Twitter. And now... more music:

The One Point One EP (ZTIS 301) – including a free, Soundcloud-only bonus track, Tundra (ZTIS 302) – is officially released today. Listen.




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