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...God, unmasked

Disc Two of the forthcoming Art of Noise box set And What Have You Done With My Body, God? has been officially finalised, rubber-stamped and green-lighted.

Entitled Found Sounds and Field Trips, it's the band at their most playful, recording and sampling everything from tennis matches to actresses to old vinyl to the Sarm West studio toilets hand-dryer. Here's the tracklist:

Found Sounds...
Moments (12" B Side Idea, 03:10)
Tears Out of a Stone (02:56)
Samba #2 (00:39)
The Chain of Chance (04:36)
Fairlight-in-the-Being (04:37)
Diversions 3 (03:53)
Close (to Being Compiled, 03:47)
Diversions 5 (03:46)
Damn It All! (01:42)
Structure (01:13)
The Angel Reel: Hymn 1 (Take 2, 00:36)
Hymn 3 (01:20)
Fairground (00:43)
And What Have You... (04:40)
Klimax (01:48)
Who Knew? (02:36)