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The All-Important About Section

Greetings to all zangsters. Z.T.T. collectors, innocent by-standers, the occasional extra-fanatic and even the unlikely apathetic onlooker who's only accidentally looked in, or dropped in etc.

Welcome to tumbometer no. 10: the up-dated, up to a point, all things considered fifth-generation Zang Tuum Tumb website.

So, up to a point, what has happened to zang tuum tumb? Five things. 1. PATIENCE/ 2. worry/ 3. energy/ 4. DETERMINATION/ 5. love.

Zang Tuum Tumb is headquartered at Sarm Studios in London. Catalogue marketing and sync is administered in North America by Razor & Tie and, by Union Square Music in the UK and by U/M/A/A in Japan.